Increased Role Announced within JCL Health Network

As of September 1, 2014 MDIG is pleased to announce that the group has formally partnered with the John C Lincoln Health Network and is now providing radiology coverage to all of its hospitals, out-patient imaging centers and medical clinics. However, MDIG is not new to the JCL organization as the group began providing services to JCL’s Deer Valley Hospital back in 1987.Additionally in December of 2013, MDIG was awarded coverage of their newly opened Sonoran Health and Emergency Center located just north of Phoenix off of interstate 17.
Today’s enhanced partnership increases MDIG’s role going forward as the group now has the responsibility of providing coverage to JCL North Mountain Hospital which is a Level I trauma center as well as coverage to its numerous out-patient imaging locations.

MDIG is also pleased to announce that a majority of the radiologists which were previously serving JCL North Mountain hospital have decided to join MDIG.
“We are extremely excited about our newly increased role and partnership with JCL. We feel that many great benefits will come to both organizations as a result” – Dr. Barry Sadegi, President

(John C Lincoln Breast Health and Research Centers continue to be served by highly talented and independently employed JCL radiologists which are not associated with MDIG.)