MDIG Billing Department


Our Billing Department has partnered with ImaginePay and HonorCare to provide a safe online payment portal for our patients. If you received a bill from the MDIG billing department, please keep in mind that we work as a radiology services provider for the facility you chose to complete your exam (X-ray, Ct Scan, PET Scan, Etc). Many medical facilities, including large hospital systems contract, and work with radiology services providers to be able to afford a full suite of sub-specialty radiologists. Often we are asked “why did I get a bill from MDIG,” and the answer is; because the facility where your imaging was completed is contracted with MDIG to perform exam interpretations. If you would like more information about your bill before making a payment; you can reach our MDIG billing department at 480.999.1091 or Contact Us.

We do not house medical records if you would like to request records related to your diagnostic imaging exam, please contact the facility where the exam was performed.

If you would like to make a payment towards your medical bill, click on the link below. You will need the following information to make a payment; MDIG billing account number, provider, and patient date of birth (This information can be found on the billing statement). For your, convenience ImaginePay accepts all major credit cards and ACH debits.

HonorCare® makes it easier on you to pay your medical bill with a simple payment plan. Applications are approved or denied based on your ability to pay and not your credit score. Honor cares flexible medical payment plans allow you to choose a payment schedule. HonorCare® will not charge you any fees and takes pride in providing a zero fees program. Signing up takes less than 5 minutes, follow the link below to apply for payment assistance.

You can also take a look over our FAQs page for more information about MDIG.